Update 1.2!

We’re happy to announce a new big update 🙂

– Rebinding for keyboard and controllers
– Quick restart level (Default Select or R)
– Switch between UI tabs on keyboard (Default 1 and 2 for left and right)

– Walljump and doublejump reworked
– Enemies will always get knocked back on hit, depending on the force of your weapon

Level Selection
– Is a fancy map now

– New tutoriallevel with cutscene!
– Levels with fixed camera
– Reworked most levels
– New flying enemy
– Reworked last boss
– Two new bosslevels with a flying boss!

– Player can no longer spawn before the map is loaded
– Players will not switch controllers at random any more
– Increased performance of large maps
– Windows 32bit support

– Reset save games
– Reset leaderboards

Special Thanks to, added:
– shieldgenerator7


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