Yeah, it’s about time!

After a long time the Commander Cool is back! We don’t wanna spoiler too much but It’s about time!

In the last two years a lot has happened. Everything has started with our first indie game “Commander Cool“. We have over 1.000.00 Downloads worldwide we gained a lot of reviews and postive feedback. Thank you for that! We founded our own company Orlyapps to make more incredible games and awesome apps. We licensed the Codebase of “Commander Cool” and sold over 500 to upcoming indie developers. We are very proud to see other developer creating games with our starter kit! So Thank you for that too!


In the background and beside our work for clients, we were developing our next big thing. A sequel of Commander Cool!

After countless hours of work and throwing away hundreds of prototypes, we are currently in the final phase of completing this game!

In the next few weeks we will post a lot of more details about our game and our next steps. So stay tuned!

Our “Orlyapps” Team

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